Villa Manin Guerresco


At the beginning of the fifteenth century, the Venetians developed an interest in acquiring property on the mainland. At that point the Venetian saying, "coltivar el mar e lassar star la terra” (cultivate the sea and forget the mainland), had lost importance. Venice at that time supported agricultural production, and with ever increasing yields, especially in the conquered territories, this economic success resulted in the birth of a new era of villas, or vacation/country homes.

Around 1530-1540 the republic arrived to a point of "permanent crisis ", to which they had to respond with effective solutions, resulting in reactions of the classic ideological superstructure to changes in the economic structure; in other words making large investments on the mainland in land and agriculture, which also included the cultural phenomenon of second homes.

Reading descriptions from the sixteenth century of life in the countryside, or the countless contemporary studies on Venetian Villas, the villa is depicted as integral to the activity of farming and country life. The villa also served as a place of delight, leisure and rest, in other words it was a working-vacation home.

While country life was stimulating and enjoyable, it was more so if acquaintances of the same social status lived nearby, with which one could pass the time. For this reason, these villas are located near each other, with ample accommodations for visiting guests.

The Republic of Venice conquered Friuli in 1420. Unlike the Venetian nobles, the aristocrats of the provinces were excluded from holding high office. Only three aristocratic families were able to achieve the same level of a Venetian noble, with positions on the Grand Council of Venice; of those families one reached the level of doge, Ludovico Manin.

Today the owners of a Manin family villa, in Borgo Clauiano, are Mauro and Marianna Guerresco, who have lovingly restored the villa with the integrity deserving of a noble residence, and the welcoming atmosphere of a family home.

"The current owner Mr. & Mrs. Guerresco adore this mansion, in fact the patient work of restoration which have given back splendour to the Villa and the passion with which they try to reconstruct its history reflected in the warm and welcoming atmosphere that lingers in his chambers " – Magazine “Antiquariato”, March 2001

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